Michael Golden Founder, CEO, CTO

Mike Golden has a long and distinguished career as an entrepreneur and inventor, conceiving and executing ideas proven to be both scalable and lucrative. In his early career as a Mattel inventor, he conceived of educational toys that have remained continuously on the market for more than 50 years, generating an estimated $3 billion in revenue. Golden holds 25 patents, many of which are for advanced network architectures that have been successfully deployed. Among his contributions as the founding CEO of multiple successful communications technology start-ups, was a global network management solution eventually sold to Enron for an 8X investor return. This technology was ultimately transferred to the public domain, and was adopted by Internet 2 as a model for providing end-to-end global QoS services and on-demand and reserved end-to-end fiber-optic bandwidth between communications companies. Mike Golden currently serves as Founder, CEO, CTO of Gigaband. He is regarded as an industry thought leader, and has frequently spoken at national events.

Kira Golden, CFO, CMO

Kira Golden is currently CEO of Direct Source Wealth. She has successfully built a multi-million dollar practice in large scale commercial real estate development and financing. A Magna Cum Laude graduate of George Washington University’s MPA program, she focuses on effective corporate governance while diligently monitoring the double bottom line. Her relationships in both the public and private sector have generated innovative funding solutions, allowing Gigaband to remain non-diluted while ramping up to deployment.

Mike Keeling, Senior Advisor

Mike Keeling is an expert in the development of intellectual property who brings a potent professional combination to Gigaband as both an attorney and engineer. Mike specializes in intellectual property with a focus on patents, trademark and copyright law, telecommunications law and technology licensing. Mike is a skilled negotiator and has over 35 years of hands-on experience developing, implementing and harvesting complex technical initiatives. As a multiple patent holder himself, Mike is uniquely positioned to defend trademark and patent infringements in court. Mike has also drafted legislation and lobbied on behalf of communications and broadband infrastructure development. He has authored many bills that have become law in Arizona, including successful legislation enabling broadband provider use of public right of way. Mike’s solid education in both law and engineering include Bachelors and Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri and Southern Methodist University respectively, a Juris Doctorate from Concord School of Law.

Dr. James Aberly, Senior Technical Advisor

Jim Aberle has led multiple student teams in the design and testing of specialized antennas for Gigaband. He has a 25-year career in both academia and the private sector developing advanced antenna technology. For Hazeltine Corporation, he worked on the development of wide-band phased array antennas. As a graduate research assistant at the University of Massachusetts, he developed and validated computer models for printed antennas. Aberle has been a faculty member at Arizona State University since 1989, where he is currently an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering. His research interests include the design of radio frequency systems for wireless applications as well as the modeling of complex electromagnetic phenomena. He designed an antenna solution in the early days of satellite TV that doubled the bandwidth that could be delivered from a satellite to home dishes. Jim Aberle has served as a Visiting Academic at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia and as Visiting Researcher at Atlantic Aerospace Electronics Corp.

Dr. Gerarld Hayes, Senior Technical Advisor

Gerarld Hayes is founder and president of the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina. Gerry has more than three decades of experience in government and commercial electromagnetic research and design. He has led the development of antenna and RF circuit designs for a diverse range of Department of Defense applications. At Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Gerry provided global technical leadership in the Technology and Research organization for handset antenna design and radiated performance optimization. At Lockheed Martin, he developed space-based, phased array applications. He has contributed to international standards for OTA, HAC, and SAR evaluation (including IEEE, IEC, CTIA, and C63 standards). Holding more than 75 U.S. patents, Gerry Hayes maintains a prominent role in the wireless industry

Dr. Mike Barts, Senior Technical Advisor

Mike Barts is a senior staff engineer at the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina. Mike has more than two decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of antennas and RF systems. As one of the founders and CTO of Mohu, he developed a paper thin antenna for over-the air TV reception which became a best seller on Amazon and in major retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy. He has worked with satellite systems, designing commercial ground station antennas and RF propagation modeling and measurements for mobile satellite systems for NASA which were later used in developing Iridium and SirusXM satellite systems. Mike contributed significantly to the design of Gigaband’s specialized antennas.